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from flask import Flask, jsonify, request
from flask_jwt_extended import (
    JWTManager, jwt_required, create_access_token,get_jwt_identity
import datetime

app = Flask(__name__)

app.config['JWT_SECRET_KEY'] = 'super-secret'  # Change this!
jwt = JWTManager(app)

# Using the expired_token_loader decorator, we will now call
# this function whenever an expired but otherwise valid access
# token attempts to access an endpoint
def my_expired_token_callback(expired_token):
    token_type = expired_token['type']
    return jsonify({
        'status': 401,
        'sub_status': 42,
        'msg': 'The {} token has expired'.format(token_type)
    }), 401

@app.route('/login', methods=['POST'])
def login():
    username = request.json.get('username', None)
    password = request.json.get('password', None)
    if username != 'test' or password != 'test':
        return jsonify({"msg": "Bad username or password"}), 401

    ret = {'access_token': create_access_token(username)}
    return jsonify(ret), 200

@app.route('/protected', methods=['GET'])
def protected():
    nowTime = datetime.datetime.now().strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
    return jsonify({'hello': 'world', 'nowTime': nowTime}), 200

@app.route('/create-dev-token', methods=['POST'])
def create_dev_token():
    username = get_jwt_identity()
    expires = datetime.timedelta(minutes=1)
    token = create_access_token(username, expires_delta=expires)
    return jsonify({'token': token}), 201

if __name__ == '__main__':


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